Leader 120 Camera mount Part - 3D Printing



Does anyone know where I can get a Leader 120 Camera mount? Just the plastic 3d printed part? I can buy a whole new frame for £13 on banggood but would rather not if I can just get the mount for a couple of quid.

Or if anyone would print me a couple I found a thingverse file

If anyone can help that would be great, I’d be looking to get a couple printed in case it breaks again.



You in the UK?

I have some red PLA and could print you some off.


Yes I am mate - that would be great. How much would you want for doing it?



How many copy’s do you want?


2? One to install and 1 as back up incase it breaks again


How about

3 Copy’s for £5 + delivery.

If you happy with that.
Ill get them made this weekend.


Sounds good mate, how would you want payment, via paypal?


yeah paypal is easyiest


Ok cool well let me know the details and I can transfer you. If you’d rather talk via email it’s brynnhiggins52@googlemail.com I’ll reply faster there as get notifications.

Thanks for the help :+1::+1:


On the printer


Print done

I’ll send you an email later for your details


Great thanks will look out for it