Camera mount for Samsung 360

does anyway know where could I get a camera mount for my Samsung 360, the one with the removable tripod (older version). or someone around here plays with 3d printing?? thanks!

Something like this court work

If you want one printed, just ask :slight_smile:

thanks for your reply!! this isint quiet what I was expecting. plus the 360 camera has the female for attaching it the it’s tripod or any other mount, I know this is not a big deal,but wanted something with a little bit more protection.
ahhh I wish I could design 3d protects!!

Never a better time to start learning. Fusion360 has a free option for hobby use and thete is a load of tutorials on the internet to get you started. Just a matter of putting in some time to learn… which is often harder than what it sounds :smile:

Al you need is a 1/4 inch bolt. The socket on the “360” is a standard 1/4" tripod socket

So you drill a 1/4" hole in whatever you want to mount the camera to and attach a bold with washers and a nut.

You can also buy a standard “ball head” at a camera shop and use that in place of the 1/4" bolt. These are all standard parts available in any camera store.

I made a helmet mount by using a 1/4" bolt threaded upward from inside the helmet.

One tip: Use flat black spray pain on anything that is under the camera, it shows in the image. Black hides it.