Jumper t lite I seem to have bricked it

Hi everyone.
I’m an oldish (64yrs) newcomer to all things drone.
I bought a few of the ‘toy’ drones and those that didn’t immediately try to climb trees or simply float away on the slightest breeze gave me a lot of fun so I bought a Bugs7 with gps, with which I had even more fun so I finally decided to lump for a combo of an Emax BabyHawk and a Jumper T Lite transmitter.
And blimey! A hobby that was switch-on-and-play has now become a blimmin’ nightmare!

Now, while trying to learn to update the firmware, I have somehow managed to mess the transmitter up so badly it doesn’t even light up the screen any more. It acts, for all the world, like it’s dead.
It’s not though. If I plug it in without holding down any buttons, I get that dum-diddle-um sound when Windows recognises something plugged into one of the USB ports. Looking on the Control Panel, it says it recognises it as an STM32 Bootloader although the transmitter itself acts like the battery is flat.

Is there anything I can do to save it, do you think? I really would appreciate some help here. I’m going barmy with it.
]Thanks in advance. :slight_smile: Nigel.

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Same issue my end. If you resolved this would be good to know. Getting STM32 only when i connect with no battery and i hold power button down

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Same. I have a ticket into their support, have you guys tried that? Did you come up with any solution.

Apparently it uses an stm32 bootloader, the same as betaflight and drones use, so I flashed a drone firmware to it on accident because you can’t really tell where the flash is going…I didn’t even think that was possible.

Ok I got it I think, you have to use cubeprogrammer and flash the firmware from the jumper site for tlite, mine’s powered up again now.

oh I figured it out you can just go to edgetx and use their browser to install the firmware, that seems to work.