Jst connector 6pin?


I should connect VTX in this connector(picture below). I do not know what it is and where to find?Is it call JST connector 6pin?Stock in europe?thanks


You have solder point on that FC already.

Top Right hand corner…

AGND = Ground
RAM = Positive (Check the voltage on that pin… Dont fry anything)
VIN = FPV Camera.

WARNING depending on the setup of your board that RAM pin can be as much as 14vdc if your running a 4S raw Lipo power.
Check the configuration and solder brigdes before powering up.

This is for FPV camera and VTX (Yes I talk about VTX, but i mean …115267 this. How can I connect to the board?

I see.
Thats a Rx

In that case…
top right hand corner of the FC under the M3 Bolt.
The 3 Pins… J7 5V GND

VCC - 5V
I-BUS/S.BUS or PPM (Depending on which one you want) - J7 (PPM/SBUS)

That Rx will problemly have a breakout cable with it.

Yes but there is a problem, because the IBUS do not work on J7 (it is just for the frysky, and it is converted). So I need this marked connector?Where Can I buy?

So just wire up PPM

Blk - GND
Red - 5V
Yellow - J7


JST 1.0 4 wire connector. Google it and many will show up. Almost any place the sells RC stuff will have one.

Thanks for the link. But I try the PPM (UART6), but still nothing. I changed in RC radio to PPM and in betaflight configurator to PPM on the same connector (right corner)??