Is this commercial use of a drone?

Hello guys!!!
My question today is… I might want to use a field owned by a company to fly my drone with their permission ofcourse… but in exchange I’ll provide them with a video footage that they can use for their social media and promotional purposes. Would this be a commercial use of a drone?? Do I need to spend £1000+ on the commercial license to do this??
I know new regulations are coming this November… but everything I read on the internet states that commercial use means, linked to a company and I get profit out of it. But I am not taking profit! Am I?
Thanks for your time guys!!!

Nah… Youre not really making profit…
You can argue that you are just helping out because you are a nice person…
I wouldnt say that this is a commercial use of your drone.

yep agree with Luca, you need to make something out of it to be commercial.

I also agree with @lucag and @dale589
This is not commercial use, no money or goods (the legal guys call it ‘consideration’) passes between you and them.
The fact that they let you fly over their field is just ‘good neighbourly’ kindness
Don’t worry about it, sleep well at night :grinning:

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Thanks guys! heheh. I think this way I would fin nice places where to fly! All parks around me are filled with dogwalkers and kids!!