Is there a wiring diagram for the "Thumb Joystick with select Button"

Is there a soldering diagram for the “Thumb Joystick with select Button” and the new 32bit alexmos board?

Here is an image showing you how to connect a joystick to a 32bit alexmos board

As you can see the outputs from the joystick will go to the A1,A2,A3 inputs on the alexmos board. You would plug the VRX,VRY outputs from the thumb joystick to one of the A1, A2 inputs. Once connected then you will need to specify what input is for what axis in the alexmos. I have attached some profile files for our eagle eye gimbal that should help you get started. (2.7 KB)

Thanks I managed to sort it out

I have the piggyback 8bit board and can’t get my head around the wiring for the dys joystick that’s arrived today. The A1,A2,A3 shown here are taken up by the “piggyback” board. Any help is greatly appreciated!

This post might help as its for the older 8bit alexmos board.