Introducing the Vulture: A MiniCine Drone for Versatile Cinematic Filming

Are you looking for a powerful and versatile MiniCine drone that can carry your camera without creating any Jello and can be used in various cinematic filming scenarios? Look no further than the Vulture! Created by Straw Hat Sam, this MiniCine drone features an anti-vibration mount and quick-release camera system, making it convenient and efficient for filming in different environments. With optional prop guards and a multifunctional design, the Vulture is perfect for filmmakers who want a drone that can adapt to their filming needs.

The Design Goals of the Vulture

Straw Hat Sam, the creator of the Vulture, had a specific goal in mind for designing this drone – to make it capable of carrying the Sony RX02 camera without creating any Jello, while also being able to accommodate smaller cinema cameras. He achieved this by creating an anti-vibration mount that uses mechanical isolation, which allows for a mechanically solid design that can dampen vibrations to accommodate super-sensitive cameras. Another important feature of the Vulture is the quick-release camera system, which allows for the camera to be attached and removed quickly, making it convenient in certain environments.

Versatility and Multifunctionality

The Vulture’s design makes it versatile and multifunctional. It can be used not only for traditional mini quad FPV scenarios, but also for various cinematic filming applications. The optional prop guards, made of lightweight nylon tubing and polypropylene 3D prints, allow for tool-less installation and removal for the fastest workflow on set when switching between cameras. The smooth and bumper-like surface of the prop guards protects talent and property on set.

Key Takeaways

The Vulture is a MiniCine drone that is designed to carry small action cameras like the Sony RX02 and GoPros, as well as smaller cinema cameras. Its anti-vibration mount and quick-release camera system make it convenient and efficient for filming in different environments. The optional prop guards and multifunctional design make it versatile for use in various cinematic filming scenarios. The Vulture is a great choice for filmmakers who want a versatile drone for their filming needs.

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