Introducing the DNUTS group πŸ›©οΈπŸŒ°πŸ”©

You may of noticed a few of us on dronetrest have a little icon next to our avatar pictures, and that is because we started a new group called DNUTS.

What we do?
Our goal is to help promote the FPV/Drone building hobby here in the UK and Europe. The way we do this right now is by offering education, helping members and testing/reviewing products. In short we are NUTS about drones.

You can think of us as the moderators of dronetrest :slight_smile:

  • CommuNity - help build and run the dronetrest community
  • EdUcation - provide guides and tutorials to help fellow pilots
  • Testing - we get products to test and review to provide feedback to manufacturers, but also help people find out what they should or shouldn’t spend their money on.
  • Support - if someone runs into a problem we can pool our knowledge together to help solve the problem (or in many cases, point people to our guides)

Currently this group is managed by @DoomedFPV,@unmannedtech and @Luca


If you have any suggestions about dronetrest or what type of guides you would like to see, please start a new topic in the #meta category.

At the moment we are not accepting new members but as the dronetrest community grows and other members are actively helping contribute to this site we will invite them to join.

Why we started?
The FPV hobby is complex and has a steep learning curve, and if that isn’t enough, the technology changes at a rapid date. All this makes it an extremely rewarding hobby if you are into tech, but it also makes it confusing. So we are here to help share our inisder knowledge through help and guides to grow our community and hobby in general.


Looking forward to get support by the DNUTS Members :yum: :grin:


Back in your box you… :point_right:

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