Iflight now have a whoop/ toothpick flight controller

GepRC released the 12A-F4 a few weeks ago which is my favourite toothpick style FC (its so nice that betaflight have decided to use it for their quadcopters). The Iflight Succex also looks like it will be a great FC. Thsi one has a similar layout but now features a stackable desgin so you can fit an Iflight whoop VTX on top which can be quite nice.

Key Features:

  • 12A ESC
  • Current Sensor
  • 2-4S Support
  • ICM-20689 Gyro (it should of been a MPU6000) :frowning:
  • 8Mb blackbox built in
  • Stackable 200mw VTX board with Tramp telemetry (for VTX control via OSD)

Where to Buy:

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