How to select which PID controller i would like to use on cleanflight?

This was a screenshot taking from an older version of cleanflight were i was able to choose between the different controllers, I want to use LuxFloat with my Naze32 but on the new version there are no options to change this???

Hi @Barker

I believe you can change the PID controller type by using the CLI. Here are the possible types on CleanFlight:

PID Controller 0 - MultiWii
PID Controller 1 - Rewrite
PID Controller 2 - LuxFloat
PID Controller 3 - MultiWii23
PID Controller 4 - MultiWiiHybrid
PID Controller 5 - Harakiri

The code to change them is:
“set pid_controller = X”

So to change it to LuxFloat you would type:
“Set pid_controller = 3”

If this doesn’t work then it may be possible that the possibility to change the controller has been removed for the latest CleanFlight versions.

Hope this helps,

Shouldnt that be 2, if numbering from 0


Yes that was my mistake. Number 2.