How to connect BEC to the servo rail - Navio2 + DYS D800 X4

In the hardware setup there is the following:

Power module does not provide power to servos. To provide power to servos connect BEC to the servo rail. BEC would also serve as back-up power supply to Navio2.

I’ve got a DYS D800 quad:

I’ve connected 1 ESC to the Navio2 (channel 1) with all the 3 wires. There is a servo on the channel 7. The issue is, that servo is not doing anything, only if I connect it directly to the X8R receiver’s channel 7.

It turned out that: DYS HV40A ESC seems to be OPTO, so it does not have built-in BEC.

What else do I need more?


It would probably be best to use a 5V regulator BEC to provide power to your servo, otherwise you can also buy a extra BEC unit which looks abit like an ESC.

Thanks you for your help.
Given the frame mentioned above + 2x TATTU 10000mAh batteries + Navio2 + High Voltage APM Power Module with 3A UBEC

Which one do I need:

a) BEC 12V 2A
b) BEC 5V 2A
c) BEC 3.3V 2A

I bet the 5V one …

Bonus question: How to wire it? Where to connect its input? To the big main cables coming from the battery? Before or after the PM?


Yes you will need to use the 5V one as that is the standard voltage for servos. However since you are using 6S lipo it might be better to use this voltage regulator instead since it supports up to 30V input, whereas the ones I mentioned before only support up to 23V.

Thanks, I wasn’t patient enough so I had bought the 5V before your answer … But now I bought this one too. :slight_smile:
How to wire it? Before or after the Power Module?

It doesn’t matter can be before or after as long as long as its connected to the battery voltage circuit :slight_smile: .

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