How to change the orientation on my CC3D flight controller?

Hello, I bought a cc3d atom from you a little over a week ago. I followed all the instructions and web advice about setting it up but it refuses to work. The main problem is which ever way i try to set it up the stabilization works in the opposite way to what it should. If the right wing goes up the right ailron goes down and if the nose goes down the elevator goes down. The only way i found to correct this was to mount the unit backwards so the arrow pointed to the tail of the model. This solved part of the problem but the rudder still refuses to work in the right way, if it yaws to the right the rudder goes right and vice versa with all the controls.

Hi, sorry to hear about the issues with your CC3D… by the sounds of it there is nothing actualy wrong with the board but rather just a setting issue. I am fairly sure that your servos are just reversed.

My suggestion would be reinstall the firmware and run through the setup wizard as towards the end of the wizard there is section that allows you to check the control sufraces on your aircraft and reverse them if needed.

Changing the Orientation on CC3D

However if you think your orientation might be wrong, here is a table showing you what you need to change. (thank to Sam for the image)

Once you have decided on your orientation then just change the appropriate settings on the openpilot GCS on the attitude tab.

Hope that helps!