Gopro hero4 black cable?

Hi, I would like to connect my GoPro Hero 4 Black camera to my FPV transmitter in order that I can see what I am actually recording through my Black Pearl monitor but the ‘Compatible’ cable that I have been supplied with does not work. I know this because I can use the original GoPro connector with the FPV transmitter BUT it is too big to fit within the Gimbal slot for the GoPro.

The connector on the ‘compatible’ cable is physically different to the GoPro one but may work with an older GoPro I presume, just not with my camera that I specifically told the vendor I had.

Does anyone know where I can purchase a suitable cable & preferably has tried it?

Hey, could you share some pics and let me know what gimbal you are using so I can possibly suggest what cable you should use?

However one that works quite well is this one as it fits quite snugly to the gopro - gopro FPV cable