Correct voltage for the GoPro 3+ Black and best step down regulator for the job

Hi guys, I’m using the Unmanned Tech lowprofile GoPro combined video and power cable ( and wanted to know which of the step down regulators supplied by Unmanned Tech you would advise I use with it:

I power the video Tx and orientation LEDs with a small 3 cell LiPo and want to use the same battery to keep the GoPro battery topped up - I have both step down regulators above, but would prefer to use the Mini one due to its tiny size and weight.

Please can someone advise which would be most suitable for the GoPro 3+ Black powered from the 3S1P LiPo, and (perhaps most importantly!) what voltage I should set it to to ensure the GoPro is safely powered.

Look forward to hearing from you, thanks in advance, Nick

Thanks for your message, I would suggest the mini step down regulator just because it is smaller and takes up less space. But both will work.

In terms of charging your gopro, you will need to make sure its set to 5V, but please make sure to check this properly before connecting your camera to the voltage source to avoid any possible damage.

Hope that helps

Hi Alex,

Many thanks for the quick response - much appreciated. Will set it up ready for when the new cable I’ve ordered from you lands.

Thanks again,