Gazebo simulation of Erle-Copter

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At Erle Robotics we believe that Gazebo is the key tool for the future development of robotics.In order to help our community and users to simplify the process of algorithm with flying robots We’ve decided to put together a series about how to simulate Erle-Copter with ROS/Gazebo1. Here are the first four episodes:

Episode 1: How to launch the simulator once the environment is set up (
Episode 2: Testing ArduCopter flight modes (
Episode 3: Automatic take off and land using ROS (
Episode 4: Overriding the radio control using MAVROS (

In addition to this we have created documentation2 where we explain how to go through the whole process. We also recommend having a look to the series of videos2 that explain how to get started with the Robot Operating System (ROS).

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