Frequency E on RC 801 Black Pearl

I bought a RC 801 Black Pearl…I have to set up a frequency under Band E…but in menù there isn’t Band E…there are only BAND A, B, F.

What can I do?


Did you order the RC 801 monitor from us? As there should be a band E if you go to the band selection menu as the one I have here goes A,B, E, F. By default the RC801 that we sell have band E selected when they arrive with you.

No I didn’t order from you…but in the frequency menù I don’t have choice E…the tecnical shit tells that E choice is possible but I can’t find it

I suggest that you contact the shop you purchased it from as it should have band E unless its mentioned somewhere on their product page as maybe the have a differant version. Hopefully they will let you return it for a refund/exchange.