FPV & Telemetry (APM) set up - Help requested

Hello all,

Can anyone confirm if I have this right? (please see diagram) I’ve never set up FPV or Telemetry before. (College project) So I’m looking for a little confirmation.

Also if it is, what are the “Green, black and red” loose wires from the Chaos FPV transmitter used for?

The Chaos VTX cables from left to right on your picture
Green - Smart Audio
Red - 5v output
Black - Ground
Yellow - Video
Black - Ground
Red - 5v input.

Would be my guess.

I’m not sure on the Telemetry but it looks ok to me.

Just watch the voltage on each individual part and there current draw.
I’m guess your going to be using some sort of Power Distribution board as well.

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Yes I’ve got a PDB hooked up already.