Flycolor s raptor tower

Ok since fpv model sent me a bad build kl ex 90 and foesnt wish to honor the fact that they sent me a busted build the esc fried and possibly a motor as well thing did nothing but instaflip out the box started smoking and xaught fire lol.anyway im out 170.00 bucks that part suxs .but lesson i dont trust any of this build gonna replace the entire tower and was wondering will the new flycolor s raptor tower fit into a kl ex 90 frame?

Did you pay via PayPal as you can file a PayPal claim with them if you purchased it within the last 180 days? Assuming that the kit arrived faulty and the damage isn’t caused by a crash or something.

I think i did its terrible they are ignoring me

That does suck :frowning: If they are ignoring you I suggest you escilatr it to a PayPal claim. Worst case PayPal will ask you to return it back to them before they refund you. Paying for return postage and getting the item value refunded is probably better than nothing?

Well im over it now suxs to be them. Im actually looking at the flycolor raptor f4 tower but dont know if it will fit inside frame yet measurements seems the same id just buy new tower and frame and build it better myself what do you think?

The f4 version of the flycolor tower wont fit…

The F3 version ( your current version ) is 20x20mm mounting stack
The F4 version is 30x30mm mounting stack.

Yes your right bummer