Fly the Drone safety for newbie

I am newbie too, but I willing to share it for the first learn fly drone or FPV’ hobbyist. To avoid the drone crash, suggests the below:

Firstly, do not flying in crowded place.

Secondly, ensure the UAV are free by adjusting image signal before flying.

Thirdly, practice with mini quadcopter before flying FPV. Besides, you are suggested to try with FPV after you are familiar with mini quadcopter.

Fourthly, ensure the power is sufficient before your flying or prepare several spare batteries because over-long continuation of flying journey contents you more and avoids crash from air for lack of power. Tattu RC lipo battery is suggested for its long-time continuation and strong burst.

And finally, come from your suggest, please leave a message to give a better suggest for newbie.Thanks in advance.

Hi @Syma_Bingbing

There’s much more to safe flying, primarily height limits, distance from people, traffic, buildings etc.
Depending on your home country regulations / registration requirements will differ but I strongly suggest you join a local model flying club who usually have trainers willing to help ‘newbies’

In the UK CAP658 is the CAA rulebook !

Also DON’T forget to get insurance, killing a person by dropping 4Kg on their head can be very expensive :cry: :anguished: to say nothing of the emotional trauma suffered.

I know this sounds serious, model flying is really really fun but it comes with responsibility

Now to cheer us up :helicopter::dizzy: :ribbon: :fireworks: :sparkles: :tada: :sunflower:

Steve :slight_smile: