Flip 32 omnibus f4 pro v3 powering issue


So I just built a mini quad equipped with a Flip 32 omnibus f4 pro v3 and when I tried plugging it in with USB to configure, no issues. But when I try and plug the battery in when the USB is plugged in it disconnects from my laptop. It receives power and connects to the computer with USB and lipo just fine. so how come I cannot do both.

All help appreciated, thank you in advance.

There are so many versions of omnibus so I do find it hard to remember specifics of each one. Does you board work just fine if you plug in a the battery without usb? So you can arm/fly?


This is it. I can’t really fly before setting the motor direction right. I can’t do this with the issue I have because testing the motors and altering the direction on the blheli configurator requires me to be plugged in to my laptop and the lipo at the same time.

Here is a video of the issue

Thanks very much once again.


this might be quite common issue when the FC does not have any protection from the reverse voltage on usb (uart). You can try this. Solder Shotky diode (20 V 1N5819 1N5817) on the power to the FC.

Alright. Will try that. I also have another problem. My beep tones seem to be abnormal, PFA video link. They’re different sometimes and keep beeping.
How do I solve this?
Thanks again.