Failsafe and betaflight

hi, I´m having problems finding setup in betaflight for failsafe. I can in modes see the on/off for failsafe, but previous betaflight´s had also a page with different setup possibilities for failsafe, but where can I find this page? Looked everywhere without succes.
Furthermore I would like to setup 1 swich for 2 modes. I had previous throttle curves 1,2 and 3 together with arming at switch point 1…this also gives me headache now…betaflight seems to neglect or flightboard buzzes?
I can of course change from what i´m used to, but it would be nice if it still were possible.

Did you clicked “expert mode” at the top? turn it on, then it will show a failsafe menu.

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Ups…thanks…stupid me

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