F550 motor options?

What is the largest motor you can run on a f550 without modifying the frame?

What is the lowest kv motor you can run on a f550?

I think 10" props are largest you can run on F550 without modification, so best working back from there. I.e. see what motors support 10" props and whether they fit and what thrust they will give you.

Also you may want to read this and base decisions around 10 inch props.

Everyone keeps refering me to that stupid “how to choose the right motor for your multicoptor drone” guide and for where i am right now it is worthless, i didnt even know some motors wouldnt support 10" props, i still dont even know how to mount the motors to the frame and if al the holes are a standard size or if there are different distances between holes for different size motors

I dont even know how to figure out what esc’s are right for the motors

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