Exploring the Features of BetaFPV's Meteor 75 2022 Drone

BetaFPV’s Meteor 75 2022 is a larger/updated version of the Meteor65, with a larger frame size and bi-blade 40mm propellers. The new edition was launched in 2022, with an Express LRS on-board receiver and various other updates. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the drone’s features and specifications.

Features and Specifications

The Meteor 75 has the same flight controller board as the Meteor 65 Pro, which is an F4 flight controller on-board Express LRS. However, the Meteor 75 has a serial version of the Express LRS receiver, making it more flexible than the SPI version. The drone also features 0802 19500 KV Motors in a special edition silver and blue, as well as an updated canopy video transmitter, CO3 camera, and 1s all-in-one flight controller.

The Meteor 75 comes with a standard beta FPV case, bi-blade 40mm propellers, and a USBC cable and charger. The battery checker is a useful feature that enables you to test the batteries, which are standard 1S batteries, and the charger is included in the package. The drone weighs approximately 25 grams, and when combined with the 1s 450 battery, it weighs around 37.1 grams.

The Meteor 75 has a flight time of around three minutes, but this can vary depending on the conditions and how aggressively the drone is flown. It is not recommended for beginners to fly the drone outside in windy conditions as it is light and difficult to control. There are a variety of different colours available for the frames and canopies, which can be swapped out if desired.

The Upcoming Meteor 75 Pro

BetaFPV is set to launch the Meteor 75 Pro, which is an updated version of the Meteor 75 with a larger prop size of 45mm, compared to the Meteor 75’s 40mm propellers. The new drone will also have an updated frame, camera, and canopy, with a bi-blade or tri-blade propeller option. The flight time is expected to be longer than the Meteor 75 due to the increased power and agility of the larger prop size.


The Meteor 75 is an impressive drone with a variety of features that make it an excellent choice for drone enthusiasts. The drone is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, and the battery checker is a useful addition. With a flight time of around three minutes, it is not the longest, but it is still an enjoyable drone to fly. The upcoming Meteor 75 Pro is set to improve on the drone’s features, making it an exciting prospect for those looking for an upgraded version.

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Food for Thought

What improvements would you like to see in future editions of the Meteor drone series? Do you think the larger prop size of the Meteor 75 Pro will significantly impact the drone’s performance?

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