Eagle Eye Gimbal Alexmos Profiles

If you are struggling to use your eagle eye gimbal here are some PID profiles to help you get started that you can load onto your 32bit eagle eye alexmos gimbal to use as a starting point. Below are two profiles, the first for Cannon 5D Cameras, and the second is for a Cannon 7D.

Eagle-Eye-7D.zip (1.6 KB)

Eagle-Eye-5D.zip (900 Bytes)

However my main tip is to not bother changing settings untill you get your gimbal perfectly balanced on all 3 axis, as many users have struggles for hours getting the gimbal to work properly withought balancing it perfectly. With smaller gopro size gimbals you can often get away with not having your gimbal perfectly balaned, but with larger camera this is the most important step. For more details see our gimbal balancing guide