Dji inspire slave controller losing picture

Just after a bit of info using the inspire with dual controls and having nothing but problems with the slave controller losing picture. Been on all forums and its on going problem and most people saying best solution is to run a monitor off master controller as well as i pad air for master. Just wanting to know if people use this set up which is best monitor. The one am looking at is Flysight Black Pearl 7" Wireless 5.8ghz Monitor anybody got this one or any recomendations for one.

To be honest if you are running a hdmi cable having the black pearl is about overkill as you don’t need the wireless fpv stuff, you could.just get any portable LCD monitor with hdmi input.

As for the problem with the second controller​ loosing picture have you checked the signal strength indicator on the dji app to make sure the antennas are not faulty by comparing to the master? Also are you running the latest radio firmware?

Hi Alex thanks for replying yeah all firmware up to date. Must admit not compared signal strength on the apps when flying as it happens approx 600ft away. I’ve reset controllers reconnected and even rolls of controller new leads and i have two cameras z3 and x3 and it does it on both cameras. If it was faulty antennas wouldn’t it happen when using it as master but picture rock solid.

Was just a thought, so when you swap the slave and master around, you always get the slave having bad video signal?