DJI FC and lightbridge transplant

Just a quick feasibility question, is it possible to remove the flight controller and lightbridge from a DJI inspire 1 and re-use it in a self build and maintain control with camera operation, and the dji app.Thanks peter

Yes but why would you. it will be heaver and wont look as cool as the Inspire.
You would need to change all electronics from Inspire over to custom build.

Hi, I have just retired, i own a inspire 1 and like it very much however, building a drone is of great interest to me, i enjoy flying the inspire and find the camera controls very useful, but it is not quite the same as flying something you have created, thanks for your reply,When you say change all the electrics over if i were to use the FC and lightbridge unit what else would require changing?

just change everything, if you decide to use some of your own motors etc your gona get errors.
think you will find a lot of the electrics are integral with each other

Thanks for the reply dale589, thats a pity, looks like i will have to buy them separately.