DJI Digital FPV System Force FCC Mode Hack to get 700mW

If you are in the EU and want to full power of the DJI digitial FPV system, check this video on how to do it.

But technically if you do this the device will not meet EU radio regulations, so just saying as a disclaimer :slight_smile:

This applies to both the full size DJI Air Unit, and the Caddx Vista

How to do this:

  1. Create a text file, call it naco.txt, and inside type 1. (Or download this file naco.txt (1 Byte) )
  2. Put this on the root of your SD card that goes into your DJI Air unit
  3. Put your SD card into your air unit, power it on.
  4. If you previously had your Air unit/goggles paired in EU mode, it will loose the bind once the air unit is powered on and it reads the text file.
  5. Now rebind your goggles to your air unit (and your radio to your air unit) and when you view the channels and power levels you will see that you can change the TX power to 700mW

Or you can just watch this video below and follow along.