Clarification of (new) law with regards to Sub 250g drone use.


although if we are talking technicalities I guess the real answer is it doesn;t really matter because I would crash a long time before anyone decided if i was technical legal or not to fly there!


Approx 1 million road traffic deaths globally and people are concerned about 250gm quads rules.?
Just Fly the hell out of your quads and enjoy life. Just dont do Stupid Stuff.
Snooping with quad / drones yet everyone has a smart phone recording EVERYTHING they photograph , film , txt, even tracks every position of the phone every 30 seconds so long as there’s a battery plugged in it. Will these new laws`soon be demanding SIM cards plugged in as well?. NOW there’s a better option, Better Camera, better recording res, Accelerator better battery and processor probably and GPS too plus when it does crash it can say “So Sorry, So sorry…” or My Bad" better still, “this Drone will self destruct in 5 seconds”
'BTW Hoons and BAD people don’t register or read the rules / laws and this is the problem they are trying to stop. Idiots on the other hand we just have to live with till hunting season starts. :crazy_face:


Of course I’m concerned about 250gm quad rules.

And so should you be.

As drone owners/users, all of us should be concerned because adopting any other outlook risks giving the hobby/sport/pastime a bad name.

Thanks to the recent Gatwick incidents, all of us are liable to suffer with new or further legislation so making some bizarre claim about road traffic deaths as an ‘excuse’ to “just fly the hell out of your quad” (suggesting that such an action is petty or inconsequential by comparison), is quite a retarded view.

No matter. I’ll leave this forum to you irresponsible children.

Over and out.


rules aren’t laws and for anything under 250gm I haven’t heard any laws ? A lot of them that are under are considered to be classed as toys, Still they could bring out new laws for under 250gm, but really I don’t think it will stop idiots doing these silly things, all it does is take away peoples freedoms that do follow the laws and rules. I think the laws are silly and wont change anything as for the police we want them protecting us from real criminals and real crimes ,