Can my drone lift the gimbal and camera?

Hello, I have one question. I have bought Syma x8 drone a year ago so I could get use to flying a drone without being too worried of loosing it. The drone itself is stable and flying with it is very smooth, but I also want to practice filming with it. I bought a Xiaomi Yi sports camera and attached it to the drone, but as I fly with the drone and try to control it in the air my footage gets all shaky and crooked (I hope you understand what I want to say) so I decided to get a gimbal and later on use for another drone I will be building (Still picking parts and learning how to build one).

My question would be: Can my Syma x8 lift a gimbal? (about 270g + a camera 80g) since it doesn’t have brushless motors or should I just not risk it?

Drone specification: SMYA X8C VENTURE - Drone - SYMA Official Site
Gimbal I think to buy:

I doubt it will be able to carry a gimbal plus a camera :frowning: so you noe you will probably have to live with shaky footage some cameras have abut of built in optical stabilisation that could help a little or you could use some post processing software to similar effect.

Beato save up and get a peoples filming drone like the mavic or even an older phantom 3 -