Can i put dshot on diatone 302x

I am looking at building a new quad and i want to have dshot.
I like diatone 302x esc as they have a really high burst current and i have heard good things about them but on the description they say oneshot and multishot but no mention of dshot.
So does anyone know if it is possible to put dshot on them.

I have not tried Dshot on them, but I do not think that they will work since Dshot is entirely digital some components need to be removed (like capacitors). I can check with diatone directly for you if you want?

Technically it should be possibly but then you will likely need to remove some Caps

Thanks for the reply.
Would the esc still be able to handle the same current draw without the caps ?
Would it be worth the hassle or do you recommend anything better for dshot?

IMO i think the amount of time spent soldering and researching and maybe the odd profanity you could just buy some dshot ESC’s, little bee do 30a dshots now for about £10 depending where you shop