Broken Micro USB on SPRacing F3 EVO FC

Hello All

The Micro USB has failed on me - tried micro-surgery soldering to no avail - damn

So now will probably install a micro or mini usb/mini breakout board, traced the pin-out on the SPRacing F3 EVO thus

1 = VCC goes to Anode of a diode
2 = D- pin 32 on F3 uP
3 = D+ pin 33 on F3 u P
4 = ID mode detect - not sure where this goes - through a pcb hole - is this required
5 = GND

Would like to replace the uUSB with a mini USB are the pin-out same

Is it possible ( I read somewhere ) to utilize a spare Uart for iNave Configurator to communicate with the FC - if not will attempt to connect a micro or mini USB breakout board but uncertain where pin4 is connected too on the FC cos the track for its connection to the micro USB has broken away from the psb - any guidance would be appreciated…joe

It is possible to use Uart for inav/ betaflight, but you need to have set this up before the usb broke. you would also need an FTDI card to connect to Uart, so in your case no.
I consider myself a very good solderer and have a great solder station, i would not try this at all, even if successful probably wouldn’t last to long, did try when first usb broke of but just binned the FC in the end.
Always now set a Uart up so can use FTDI connection if usb brakes

dale589 - I also consider myself a good solderer but do admit I have messed up a few times but will attempt it -

As you see in my post I cannot locate a soldering point for the uUSB pin4 ( ID Mode detect ) is this pin necessary do you think

Good idea reserving a UART post damaged USB - have sometimes epoxied them to pcb…joe

give it a go. data usb cables only have 4 wires in 2 power (- and +) and data up and down so looks like you got the main ones sorted. you carnt brake it anymore.
but in future always set a UART| up for ftdi or Bluetooth adaptor!

Hi dale
Bin an gon an done it - took me an hour to set things up used a full sized female USB inline connector and it works just fine - today received a mini USB breakaway pcb/brd - Setup UART1 (MCP enabled ) will try/test connecting via an FTDI …joe

cool. you have more patients than me.

Oh man I feel for you- I was able to solder a replacement on works great. Did you get a new connector it was surprisingly easy