Black Pearl HD 7" Diversity monitor - what type of connector?

What type of antenna connections are there on your Black Pearl HD 7" Diversity monitor. I need to know the exact connection. SMA male or female or RP-SMA Male or Female.

Please let me know or if possible please send a picture of the connection. Once I hear from you I will go ahead and purchase. thanks.

The monitor has RP-SMA female connectors as shown in the image below If you have any other questions about the black pearl FPV monitor please let me know!

what are the advantages of the black pearl. I’m just now developing my fpv and absolutely mess about lcds. there are lot of the market but difficult to choice from among these.

(sorry this is no matches exactly to the topic…just the model name)

I agree there are loads of FPV monitors on the market nowadays so lots of choice, we have actually added a new 4 inch FPV montior today to our shop. At the end of the day the most important things to consider are the screen brightness as that will effect how well you can see the screen outdoors/ in direct sunlight.

Other minor issues to consider is the brand-name and performance. We find that flysight monitors outperform others in terms of their signal reliability. Our black pearl monitors also have the new longer range firmware which ensures they are more sensitive at longer ranges to pick up your video signal.

Here is a comparison between the Flysight Black Pearl and the Lilliput 329DW

The last thing to consider is the shop, do they offer decent support, warranty and returns if something does go wrong?

If you want to learn more about FPV we have a FPV gear guide which explains some of the basics, otherwise if you have any questions in particular just let me know.