BETAFPV Pavo Pico Sub 100g Cinewhoop 🛸

The transcript discusses the final version of a drone called the Pavo Pico. Several changes and modifications were made based on recommendations from beta testers. The primary design change was moving the battery and the O3 air unit closer to the prop lines, reducing the overall height from 61 millimeters to around 51 millimeters. This makes the drone less top-heavy and improves its balance, resulting in a better flying experience.

Additional changes include creating a new part from injection-molded plastic instead of 3D printed plastic and reducing the space between the air unit and the carbon plate. The drone also comes with an added metal UV filter protector for the camera and a 3D printed part for additional protection.

The drone features 45-millimeter gem fan props and a USB C Port. The flight controller appears to be a newer version, featuring an f405 MCU. The camera has been moved lower to further improve balance.

However, the speaker mentions an issue with the new design where the camera cable hits the carbon plate, causing noticeable shaking and jello in the camera. Despite using dampeners for the 803 air unit to reduce vibration, the vibrations seem to be coming through the camera cable.

The speaker will try to address this issue in a future video. Despite the problem, he still plans to publish this video as it represents the product as presented to consumers. The speaker believes another round of beta testing should have been done after making these modifications, and he hopes that the manufacturers will address these issues before the product is released for sale.

Overall, the Pavo Pico drone has seen improvements in terms of flight performance, but the current camera vibration issue is a step backwards, especially for a drone intended for capturing cinematic footage. The speaker promises a follow-up video to address these issues.