Battery Compatibility for Fimi Manta

Hey DroneTrest Community,

We recently navigated through a battery conundrum with a customer keen on optimizing the power source for their Fimi Manta VTOL FPV plane. The conversation revolved around the compatibility and efficiency of Li-Po versus Li-Ion batteries for this specific model. We’re sharing this interaction to demystify battery choices for both our novice and veteran members.


Would you have any recommendations on running this with a lipo battery? It only mentions li ion 3000 to 5000. I have lots of lipos but no li ion.

Unmanned Tech:

Li-Ion cells are often favored for longer flight time due to their higher energy density compared to Li-Po batteries. However, a 3S Li-Po pack could be an alternative, provided it physically fits and shares the same connector with the Fimi Manta VTOL FPV plane. While there isn’t official data on LiPo flight times for this model, LiPo batteries are compatible given their similar voltage outputs to Li-Ion packs.

For the uninitiated, Li-Ion batteries boast a higher energy density, translating to longer flight times, whereas Li-Po batteries offer higher discharge rates, ideal for high burst power demands.

If you opt for a Li-Po battery, here’s a step-by-step guide to ensure a smooth transition:

  1. Check Physical Fit: Verify the Li-Po battery dimensions to ensure it snugly fits into the battery compartment of your Fimi Manta VTOL FPV plane, comparing it with the recommended Li-Ion battery.
  2. Connector Compatibility: Double-check the connector on the Li-Po battery matches that on your plane. If not, an adapter or a connector change might be necessary, executed with caution to prevent short circuits.
  3. Voltage Check: Confirm the voltage of the Li-Po battery aligns with the acceptable range for your plane. A 3S Li-Po battery, for instance, mirrors the voltage of a 3S Li-Ion battery.
  4. Monitoring: Particularly during the initial flights, monitor performance and flight time to ensure the Li-Po battery is up to par.

This discussion shines a light on battery compatibility for the Fimi Manta VTOL FPV plane, and we hope it clarifies the Li-Ion and Li-Po debate for many.

Now, over to you, drone aficionados and newcomers:

Have any of you experimented with Li-Po batteries on the Fimi Manta VTOL FPV plane? What were your observations, and do you have any sage advice for those pondering a switch?

We’re all ears for your experiences and tips. Happy flying!