APM 2.6 barometer issue


I’m having an issue with an APM 2.6 i got from UT last week, everything seems to work fine apart from the barometer doesn’t give correct readings, it just seems to stay at zero, and when i test it in the mission planner terminal i get the following

anybody have any ideas what is wrong is it a hardware issue?

Could it be a power issue? Almost looks like it isn’t working. I remember reading some people had an issue with the 3.3V regulator or something that effects the barometer.

If you got it from Unmandtech I would suggest emailing him directly. Otherwise contact your supplier

I sent an email to Unmandtech first, just thought I would check on here and make sure I wasn’t doing anything stupid while I wait for a reply.

Based on what you have said here I wouldn’t say you have done anything wrong (unless you took to it with a hammer :grinning:)