A new folding weatherproof 🌩️ drone from DJI ⁉️

DJI are going to release a new front on Jan 23 and they have just released a teaser video titled ‘adventure unfolds’. So it’s time to jump into the speculation and guess what it will be…

My guess is that it will be something like the mavic in the sense that it folds, but will either be smaller, or have better camera (or both) Also looking at the video it does hint that it might be weatherproof which will be awesome I’m a consumer drone!

What do you think it will be?

Im sharing your Idea with the Mavic,
however i dont think that the Camera will be better…
I think it will be the Mavic with a different Propeller Design (facing to the Ground maybe)
and a weatherproof drone would be awesome :heart_eyes:

I was thinking they could maybe use the 20Mp 1inch sensor they used on the phantom 4 pro. Combine that with waterproof might make it the ultimate camera drone :money_mouth_face:. But you are probably right, at small size of mavic it will be hard to fit such a big camera sensor + cooling etc…

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So the Mavic air has been announced today… and basicaly a combination of what we said, but no mention of weatherproof!.. But it is abit like a spark + Mavic combo which is great :slight_smile: So if you liked the size of the spark, but the flight time and 2 axis gimbal put you off, then the mavic air solves those problems :slight_smile:

Now available for order at the DJI store

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