3axis handheld help

I can’t choose SimpleBGC controller.
There is only one option whereas it is written there are supposed to be 2 in the description.

Is it fully funcitonnal, ready to use if I buy it?
What is missing? Hard to configure for someone who never did?

Hope to get answers :slight_smile:
Thanks you


I assume you are referring to this page? If you cant see the option for the simpleBGC controller its because its currently out of stock. Buy you can subscribe to stock notifications on the SimpleBGC page

The 3 axis handheld brushless gimbal requires some assembly (included with the gimbal) However it comes arrvies partially assembled, you will just need to do some assembly, and attach the motors. Then you will need to connect up the flight controller and balance your camera, more info on how to do that here

The picture below shows the partial assembly of the gimbal (how it arrives)

Hope that helps :grin: