ZMR 250 Mini DIY Quadcopter Kit


Does the ZMR 250 Mini DIY Quadcopter Kit on and have the same components? Are there any differences in the parts from the two websites?

QAV ZMR250 mini diy quad
Transmitter and ZMR250 diy quadcopter kit
Components replacement for ZMR 250 Mini DIY Quadcopter Kit
Bullet connector size

You can check it by yourself.



What size bullet connector does the ZMR 250 Mini DIY Quadcopter Kit use because I am planning to get the emax 2205 2300kv motor


The probably best way is, to direct solder the cables…
The most common type is 3.5mm i think.



Since the guide is about a year or more old for the QAV ZMR250 mini diy quad build does it hav any changes in parts like upgrades or something like that or all the pieces shown in the build guide are the same to date?


I would recommend you to get more into this topic.
Your Questions at this Forum show, that you have no idea what you are doing.
Please get more into this topic and then buy a Quad/ build a Quad.
You wont be happy, if you just buy a crappy Quad…



Why is the ZMR 250 Mini DIY Quadcopter Kit so bad quality? What components would I need to buy to make it better quality?


I would not say its bad quality, but its definnately not a premium quad copter since it is not very expensive, this is why it is good for beginners as most people might crash their first quadcopter. We sell it as it is one of the cheapest parts you can get that still work! But I dont think you will do very well if you take it to a FPV racing event… To make it better I suggest you just replace with brand name motors/ESC. The flight controller and frame are still plenty good enough.

For example I would suggest you upgrade to 20A Chaos ESC, and 4x CF2205 motors and you will have great flight performance. In general if you are looking for your first quadcopter to build then I can suggest our more recent martian kit -

If you want to use the best gear, it will fly increddibly fast, but then you are looking at over £100 just for the motors, and we are selling the entire quadcopter for under £85


Will the Flysky FS-i6X 2.4GHz 10CH Upgrade Flysky i6 AFHDS 2A RC Transmitter TX with iA6B Receiver work with the ZMR250 diy quadcopter kit on


I would say yes…
But: i would take another quad kit… The ZMR is pretty cheap and after a few flights you
are going to want something better :slight_smile:
i can recommend this:
But i would swap the motors to at least emax 2205 2300kv :slight_smile: