World's Smallest Quadcopter Drone?

Think you’ve seen the world’s smallest drone? Then think again as the CX-10 Nano drone is claiming to be the worlds smallest consumer quadcopter drone.

The drone measures only 5.5cm x 5.5cm and can therefore easily sit in the palm of your hand if not on your thumb! However, stability in flight has not be compromised and this little drone can perform awesome trick with a simply flick of your thumb. Offering three flight modes, this quadcopter can be flown both indoors and outdoors provided the weather is nice and calm.

There are in-built LEDs on the CX-10 Nano to make it easy to spot in murky rooms and to create a cool lights show. It is an extremely responsive little quadcopter that is charged via a USB cable with a battery life of 7-8 minutes which is not half bad for 30 min charge time.

The initial pricing for this cool gadget is £19.99 and you’ll also needs two AAA batteries. As of yet, there isn’t the capacity of an on-board camera and so we could consider this as simply a toy rather than a filming machine. Still, it is one of the coolest toys around today.

Check out a video demonstrating the features of the CX-10 nano quadcopter

This nano quad is now available on our website for purchase here.

How does this compare with other drones of the smaller variety?

The Black Hornet Nano
Even though Skeye Nano drone is pretty awesome, it’s not the only small drone out there. In fact, there is arguably an even cooler drone currently used by the military. Roughly the same size, the Black Hornet Nano measures in at 10cm x 2.5cm and weighs just 16g including batteries. Whereas the Skeye is currently unable to have a mounted camera on board, the Black Hornet has one in-built to give the military that extra awareness. Over 3,000 of these mini helicopters are said to be in use by the militia worldwide.

The Crazyflie 2.0
Of course, perhaps the most well known of the mini UAVs, the Crazyflie has to get a mention here. This mini quad weighs in at 27g and measures 9.2cm from motor to motor and so is very much in the race for best mini UAV. This is also commercially available to buy at a reasonable price here and you can fiddle and modify this little quad all you want due to its open source firmware. You can also gets loads of cool add-ons such as a LED ring to create the coolest of light shows.