What the DJI ❓

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Ok for those with a keen eye posts have been popping up on social media with news that DJI could be releasing a DJI FPV style drone. DJI have filled three different FCCs ( Federal Communications Commission ). FCC ID SS3-P1AS1901 – DJI FPV Air Unit P1AS1901FCC ID SS3-P1RC1901 – DJI Remote Controller R1RC1901FCC ID SS3-P1GS1902 – DJI FPV Goggles P1GS1902 Looking at these it looks like DJI have plans for a FPV Drone, A remote and Goggles. So far there’s no other information or pictures out there. But if I was to take a guess. Looking at the possible…

Its now available on the DJI store

And kebabfpv has a nice overview/initial review of the unit :slight_smile: