What do you think of this micro aio camera with OSD interface?

Hello @Sulan_Yuan

Thanks for posting this however without any views from yourself accompanying it you have basically posted an advert.
Posts in this forum (and most others come to that) should be either informative, requesting help/support or encouraging discussion in the RC community.

Please can all posters bear this in in mind
Thanks for your understanding and have a great New Year

Steve :slight_smile:

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Hey Sulan,
I think this is a great Solution for Tiny Whoops,
and OSD on such a small Camera+VTX is really cool.
However im a bit Skeptical because of the low price…
I think this Camera+VTX is worth a try but im not very optimistic :grin:.

Luca :slight_smile:

Not bad. Or I should I say adversting.