Using pixhawk autopilot on tail sitter aircraft like 'POGO'

suggestions for using pixhawk autopilot to fly a tail sitter aircraft. plane or copter configuration? motors use 6s battery

Pixhawk can fly just about any r/c plane that uses servos so sure it will work if there is space to mount it in your plane. :slight_smile:

It can also control copters, boats and cars too

If you need any help with your project I am sure you will find it here in our community

Hi Alex, thanks for the quick reply. I plan to use the plane version of the pixhawk. I notice that their is no hover mode
and I am curious as to how the pixhawk will make a vertical landing with the flight controls designated like any normal
aircraft except that it is oriented on its tail for takeoff and landing and hover. The altitude is 100% controlled by throttle.

I like your idea as that is entirley possible with some of hte 3D acrobatic planes. And is is thecnicaly possible but its something that is not currently availabe with APM plane code. I know that the recent ardupane release has something called quadplane support, which is designed for hybrid VTOL planes so you might want to check that out.

Are you planning to build a custom vehicle or just use a stunt plane with your pixhawk?