Tried to buy a product

Hi there.

Tried to buy something, and I went to paypal for payment, and I’ve noticed my address was not ok, so hit cancel and returned to the site.
I’ve edited the address, then tried to buy again and failed, it is telling me out of stock now.

There is a chance that someone else bought it instead of me, but I think actually that the item went out of stock after my attempt to buy it through paypal.

Is it possible to be that the case? thanks! If that is the case, how is the item going to get unlocked?


I’ve linked alex he’ll be able to help you @unmannedtech

What was it you was trying to buy?
did you get an order number?

Either it could be that someone else purchased the last one once you canceled the order. But I do know our website reserves an item when someone initiates checkout, so maybe after you canceled it did not release the reservation. If you can let me know the item you are trying to buy I can look into this for you the version without antenna.
Right now both versions say out of stock.

@unmannedtech btw, I don’t see an order registered in my account, I don’t have an order number, I was at payment screen in paypal when I canceled the payment (from paypal website) and returned to the shop.

There was a stock level issue on the website that I have now fixed, so we just have 1 left in stock that you should be able to order now. Our warehouse system says we have 2 in stock , and someone else ordered one so we should have 1 left to order that I have added to our website again.

Since I am not in the office I cannot manually double check our stock levels but if the warehouse system level is incorrect I will let you know and send you a refund for this item. But for now you can still order to reserve the stock if you are happy with this.

Thanks, I’ve ordered it. Let me know if any other issue with the stock. Thank you!

Thanks, appreciate that and sorry about the issue in the first place! I will let you know ow if there are any issues once we are back at work :-). Hope you have a great rest of the long weekend :sunglasses: