Tarot RC gimbal control

I have finally got my Tarot gimbal to work RC knob on my Radio…using ppm and pixhawk.
The problem i am having is the way the knob controls the tilt…i would like to have it work like a clock dial…as it is now it tilts forward and backward…and i have no way of knowing when it is up high what direction it is…anyone relate to this problem?

Yeah, in the tarot settings there is an option to change the pitch control mode between rate and position modes. I have not used this gimbal for a year so can remember exactly the setting but it should be there. If you can’t figure it out send me a screenshot so I can try remember.

I have tried that…both rate and angle…it moves forward and backwards…problem is…i cannot see from the ground the angle it is in the air (when High)…i am trying to get it setup so the tilt will stay in the same angle as set on the radio control knob… :frowning:

Following on from Alex @unmannedtech1 the mode you need is called ‘Angle’ see page 10 of manual.
You can then use the endpoint and trim settings in the RC TX to accurately set the TX knob with respect to camera position
I have this set on my Futaba T8J with the Tarot T4-3D gimbal and it works great.
Steve :grinning:

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thank You very much Steve endpoints :slight_smile: