Stupid Old Git!

Thats me !
I was having a great day out with my drone UNTILL my U580 drone was about to land. Don’t ask me how I did it but it was about 20ftup still and I flicked a switch for my landing gear and I heard my Taranis say, “Engine Emergency Stop”. I stood with my mouth open as it plummeted to the ground. (Memo- I must configure the dead switch away from the landing gear switch)
I bought my frame from your shop and I’m wondering do you keep spare parts or where can I source some ?
My U580 suffered a broken leg and a smashed wrist. One of the landing gear carbon tubular legs smashed in half and one of the black aluminium motor mounts snapped off.
Any advice will be greatly appreciated
Who was it that said, " Retirement is dull " pmsl.
Regards, Jimmy.

You can purchase carbon fiber tubing just about anywhere. Just search for “16mm carbon tube” (or whichever diameter is appropriate). E.g.,

  • HobbyKing:
  • Banggood:
  • Amazon:

Etc. Sorry those links are clickable; as a new user I’m limited to only 2 links per post.

I’m less certain about the motor mounts. Tarot makes similar but not identical mounts that are widely available; maybe if you can’t find matching replacements for your U580 you could just buy a set of 4 tarot motor mounts (e.g., these, which designed for 16mm carbon tubes).

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Sorry to hear about that, it gets even worse when you try make a repair late into the night, and spend a few hours building, then without checking you plug in the battery and all you get is a puff of smoke! :smoking:

Thanks for @larsks for providing the links to spares you can buy directly. But if you prefer we can also get them in specially for you, just send us an email to support and one of us will help you with that (as recently I seem to be forgetting about some threads i have offered help on!)

Thank you Larsks for spending time to source the parts that I need, it was very kind and It’s very much appreciated indeed. I have ordered 2 - 16mm carbon fibre tubes and a set of Tarot motor mounts.
They will probably take a while for them to arrive as the motor mounts are from China.
Not a problem as I have a smaller quadcopter I can use in the meantime.

Alex thank you for your reply.
By the time I read about your offer to order them for me I had already been online and ordered earlier today.
But if you can order me a set of the original motor mounts that would be great.
Many thanks, Jimmy.