RunCam Split -Whoop editionšŸŽ„

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Any one want some HD action for there whoops ? RunCam are releasing a RunCam Split 3 Nano ā€“ Whoop editionā€¦The Control board instead of having the normal 20Ɨ20 or 30Ɨ30 mounting the whoop edition has a mounting pattern made just for the whoop size FCs. This board can be fitted either directly above or below the whoop FC, compact, clean. Even with an on board mic. The Spec ( What we know so far ) 14x14mm Camera Mounting.26x26mm Control board.Records at 1080@60fpsOnboard Mic.Control button.UART control ? ( its on the rest of the RunCam Splits :crossed_fingers: ).Under 10grams. RunCamā€¦

Iā€™m worried about how many components there is around mounting holes - rubber gummies will sit there, rubbing on them and possibly ripping them out in crashes.