Red Bull 🐄 launches into drone racing



Yet another mainstream FPV drone racing league backed by redbull :cow2:

RedBull launched a drone racing event called DR.ONE last weekend at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, Austria, a track that is normally used for motorsports. The event is similar to the Drone Racing League, except that racers can fly almost any type of drone weighing up to 3.3 pounds. A 20-year-old Austrian pilot, Bastian Hackl, took first place

Will hopefully add to show the world that this is a great hobby and back down on all the regulations!

Hopefully we will see more of these events as for now it seems they are just running 1 per year? maybe that is why its called DR.ONE?


It’s great to see this Hobby growing so fast…I am learning everyday I build Fly Crash…and redo…I love this Hobby, and it has become my passion


Eat-sleep-drone-repeat. Is your dreaming life?


Just a shame that the idiots who govern countries want to ban this hobby. Just look at Canada for example.