Recomendation of FrSky TX, X7S or X10, Or other, if that good

So I’ve recently discovered my RX has lost a channel. Nothing major, just my gear, which i don’t plan on using. However, I’m using this as a chance to validate purchasing a newer, larger, and overall better TX/RX set for my newer larger, better rebuild. After much looking, I’ve narrowed down my choice between the X7S, or the X10.

I’m aware of the price difference, but I’ve yet to see any good solid user feedback on the X10, while a lot about the X7S being good. Is the extra damage on the wallet worth it on the X10? I’m looking into at least a 10 channel system, so any other recommendations worth the cost would be appreciated.

Hey Jordan,

I dont know how long you are into this Hobby
and how important it is for you…
I think that the X7S is a great Radio for Pro’s and Beginner’s
but if you are REALLY into this Hobby i recommend the Horus.

Both Radio’s are very similar but the X10 has a few new or improved features and also (in my oppinion) a better Design.
But the Horus is very heavy. It weighs up to 1kg :neutral_face:

Since you are more into Photography i would also consider that Range plays a role…
Therefore the X10 would be also a greater Choice because it has two internally installed Antennas and one External Antenna that you can put on.

The X7S is a really solid choice but if weight is not a big factor and you want some Extras the x10 is the better choice.

I hope i could help you…

Luca :slight_smile:

Thank you. One thing i forgot to mention, and remembered just now to state, was that i also plan to build a large scale,1960mm wingspan twin engine plane for super long range flights, but i do intend to get a UHF/VHF Jr pack transmitter, but those extra features and switches would be nice.

Thank you again, i’m going to lean towards the x10 for the moment and pick it up when i can.