Quadcopter Winterization

I’m planning to fly a waypoint and telemetry capable (Non-racing) QAV250 in subzero (min -15 deg) temperatures. I’ve got Lumenier’s aero-guards to shield my electronics and foil cloth insulation for my LiPo. Are these winterization measures enough?

Perhaps it is worth mentioning that the Pixhawk 2 by ProfiCNC has internal heating for its electronics lol.

To be honest I have never flown a quad at such temperatures, but I suspect it could have some bad results if IMU sensors get too cold as the small peizo gyros could freeze. However if I recall correctly the MPU6000 does snot work well below -5 degrees celcius which is the most common IMU chip. So you might want to run a few hover testes in a safe place before you go on a long flight :snowflake: