Pitch axis twitching

Hi guys i have a problem with my 3 axis gimbal that i’ve built following this instructable guide ( http://www.instructables.com/id/OpenSAM-3D-Printed-Camera-Stabilizer/?ALLSTEPS ) the gimbal works but there is one problem that i couldn’t solve it, the pitch axis keep twitching with or without the camera i tried deffrent cameras a but still the same problem here’s a video and the settings of the gimbal hope you can help me thanks

This is usually caused by too high a ‘P’ setting in the roll/pitch axis.
You must have your camera fitted when setting up as the weight has to be considered.
Also it’s best to balance the gimbal by adjusting the pivots and/or with extra weights first then the motors do less work by just moving a balanced (light) assembly.
Hope this helps
Steve :slight_smile: